3 Tips to Keep a Commercial Space Clean

Cleaning a large space can be a big challenge. From cramped desk spaces to hiding dust in the employee bathroom, there are many reasons to hire los angeles commercial cleaning. Here are three tips to help keep your commercial space clean.

Clean Often

It can be tempting to let the cleaning go until there is a noticeable reason to tidy up. With commercial spaces, this strategy is less than optimal. It is a good idea to place all spaces on a cleaning schedule. Weekly or bi-weekly cleaning ensures you present your business in the best way possible to each customer every day.

Reduce Clutter

While it is important for employees to have work-life balance, it is not necessary to have a large amount of personal clutter laying around the office. Reduction in clutter can open minds and spur creativity. However, many people hold on to personal objects as a form of comfort or safety.

Speak with employees who choose to over-decorate their workspace. There is a reason the employee wants to post pictures of their dog, cat and children all over their desk. Look for solutions in improved employee community spaces.

Workspaces should be relatively free of clutter. Encourage employees to take their mementos outside of the desk space. Consider a playroom for employees.


It is fairly easy these days to toss just about anything aside for the next best thing. Recycling and reusing items can save time and money,

Think a while on this step. What do you actually need versus the newest thing developed? It is likely that many things do not need to be thrown away for the next best technology move.

Commercial cleaning is a big job. It gets easier when you break it down to specific components. By reducing clutter and reusing items, the work becomes more manageable.