Ways to Get the Job Fast

You can’t always wait for the right job to come along: you need work and you need it now. You can’t just keep sending out job applications and hearing nothing back indefinitely. You can’t keep going to job interview after job interview. You need to pay the rent this month, not next month when the company of your dreams finally calls back. Here are a few ways to shorten that stressful period of unemployment while you’re looking for your dream job.

Temp Agency

Check with Boston staffing agencies or other temp agencies in your area to get placed for short term work right away. Don’t forget that there’s always a chance that a temporary position will turn into a permanent one if your work is up to snuff and the right position comes available. Even if it doesn’t, it lets you build your resume and meet people.


Meeting people is key when you’re looking for a job. After all, it’s not always what you know, it’s who you know. If you have a connection, don’t be ashamed to exploit it. Sometimes, with the right connections, you can skip certain stages and get that first paycheck into your hands that much the faster.

Work Online For Now

Remember that you’re no longer bound to work for companies in your immediate area. If you have an internet connection, you can find a job. Even if the pay is low, you can’t beat the convenience and the commute. The gig economy can be made to work for you, and even if it’s not for you in the long term, it can tide you over in the short term.

Finding a job can take time. Finding the job you always wanted might take a lifetime. Sometimes something to tide you over is exactly what you need to get yourself across that finish line.