Great Survival Jobs for An Artist

If you’re pursuing a creative career like acting, music, writing or painting, it’s best to find a flexible job that allows you time to work on your craft. You also want it to be a career that you’ll be able to take time off short notice if you book a gig. These careers will allow you to make a sustainable income while pursuing your career.

Work a Service Job

Many artists, authors and actors choose to work in the service industry because of how flexible the hours are. You can choose to work different hours depending on your availability and trade shifts easily if a gig pops up last minute. Get your liquor license Dallas TX or wherever you live to become a bartender. Become a server at a restaurant to get both day and night shifts. You can make great tips working in the industry.

Take up a Caretaking Job

Working in the care industry is flexible because you are usually hired by families and individuals instead of companies. They have the freedom to be more flexible about your work schedule. If you love kids, get a job babysitting. If you love animals, get a job dog walking or cat sitting. You can also get a job being an aide for the elderly or adults with special needs.

Do Freelance Work

You can use your skill as your survival hustle. If you’re an artist, host sip and paint nights, make products to sell on Etsy or do photography for life events or family portraits. If you’re a singer or musician, teach private lessons. If you’re a writer, do freelance writing for online publications. You can also go to schools as a teaching artists to teach your skills to kids. It’s also great practice to hone your craft.

Working these survival jobs will allow you to focus on pursuing your passion and making it as an artist.