Gifts to Celebrate a Promotion

Offer congratulations to a friend or family member who has just received a big promotion at work with a gift that she will use as well as appreciate. Celebrate this show of responsibility with an item that will reflect her hard work and illustrate how proud you are.

Authoritative Accessories

Choose a gift that reflects your friend’s new position at work. Present her with a business card holder, a high-end ink pen or tasteful piece of artwork to decorate her office. You can also choose a briefcase or laptop bag that she’ll be able to use to organize gear and necessities for meetings, business trips and working at home.

Snacks and Sweets

Working long hours might prevent your loved one from stopping for big meals. Provide her with an assortment of snacks to tide her over until she can take a break. Consider candy gift baskets or a tote filled with snacks such as chocolates, nuts, dried fruits, protein bars, crackers and cheese. She may even want to share the treats during meetings or when working with her team on a last-minute project. In addition, add an insulated water bottle to the mix to hold coffee, juice or water so she can stay hydrated.

Tools to Destress

Stepping into the executive suite can be demanding, particularly if your loved one will suddenly be supervising a large staff in a high-stress industry. Help her relax with a gift that can help relieve the tension. Consider a shoulder and neck massager, a Bluetooth speaker that will allow her to play relaxing tunes in her office or a gift certificate to a local spa for a day of pampering.

A promotion at work reveals that your loved one has caught the attention of her supervisors with a job well done. Presenting her with a gift of congratulations and encouragement may help her take the first step toward her next big achievement.