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Unexpected Ways That You Can Test Positive for a Drug

There are times in our lives that we will have to get tested to identify if we use drugs or not. Not using drugs is not guaranteed that you will be negative in a drug test. It will be a big surprise if you test positive in a drug test if you don’t use drugs. There could be many ways that you would have a positive drug test even when you are completely sure you have never been involved in drugs use due to the following things.

Secondhand smoke can be a major reason that you test positive for a drug test. You will test positive for a drug if you stay with a person who smokes in the same room. You will test positive for a drug due to breathing air that has marijuana particles. You will test positive after a long period of time after breathing air with marijuana particles. The cannabinoid contained in marijuana makes people wonder if CBD shows up in a drug test.

Tea also determines the chances of a person testing positive for a certain drug. You can be sure that you will test positive for a drug if you always take tea because it is made up of coca leaves which contains cocaine metabolic. Taking tea can make us be positive in marijuana test of drugs. When we take tea which has cocaine metabolic our blood absorbs these particles hence the positive test.

The other thing that can cause us to test positive for a drug in the type of medicines that we use when we get sick. The medicines that we take also increases our chances of testing positive for a drug. The drug medicines that we buy from the chemist for healing purposes also contain drug particles. The drugs that we use also affect our results of drug test.

Baby products also that are used to wash a baby by the mother can also be a factor that makes us test positive for drugs. Whether as a young person or an adult at a point in our life we have all used some baby products such as soaps. Those who are much affected by the use of baby products are the mothers and children. The above points can be used to show how you can test positive for a drug test even if you don’t use drugs.

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