Prepare for the Expenses and Love Your New Office

If it is time to take your small business out of your home office and into a rented office space, there are a few things to consider. Moving into a new office space can be an exciting step for the growth of a company. Being prepared for all of the expenses that come along with the move to a new space is important for the success of the move.

Office Furniture

First, equip the office with the appropriate office furniture. Consider the desks needed for each current employee, and for potential additional employees who may be hired due to the growth of the company. The meeting room will need a conference table and chairs. Give your employees a nice place to enjoy lunch with a furnished break room. Equipping your office with furniture can be easy with pre owned desks and tables.

Supplies and Equipment

Extra supplies and equipment may be necessary for a new office space. If there will be a reception or office manager, include an additional computer, printer and phone system in the budget. A printer and fax machine may need to be purchased for office-wide use. Also, there can be additional expenses for widely used supplies such as paper, pens and postage.


The ongoing expenses of moving a business into an office space are the utility bills. Don’t be surprised by these new expenses. Create a comprehensive budget for electricity, water, WiFi, phone lines and any other utilities. This may also need to include janitorial services.

It is a big step to take your business out of the home office and into a professional office space. Take a tally of the equipment your company already owns, and prepare for the additional purchases needed. Plan your budget and prepare for last-minute expenses to help make the transition a smooth one.