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What Are The Benefits Of OKRs

The OKRs gal setting strategy has been applied and successfully implemented by various prominent and reputable companies today. This is a reflection that the OKRs strategy can be beneficial for businesses that aim at being successful. Through the OKRs, companies are able to powerfully bring out their goals. Therefore, the way the mission and vision of a particular company are brought put is such that it helps to engage the employees. Everyone gets to have the top goals and priorities at their fingertips.

For individuals who are new to OKRs, they may not know the reasons they should implement it. It is thus essential and critical that businesses understand the meaning of OKRs and its role in their business. Well, do not worry since you will get the chance to understand the various benefits of using OKRs.

OKRs helps companies and organizations to maintain focus as they set goals. When it comes to setting OKRs, options are limited. Although you can always have more than a single objective, they will never exceed seven. When coming up with key results, they can never exceed five. This means there will be less to focus on. Focusing on the objectives will be really easy. You are also able to prioritize goals to ensure you have them in the order of urgency.

Alignment also becomes easy with OKRs. When the top-line objectives have been set and made aware to everyone, then this means that the work begins. There is a shift from the planning process to the execution and implementation processes. Everyone ties their daily activities to the vision of the company. This is how the alignment process occurs. It is transition and linkage whose value cannot be ignored. Notably, companies that align highly end up performing really well. When companies are highly aligned, then the chances are high that they will bring out top performance.

With OKRs comes about commitment. Commitment is what follows focus and alignment. Each employee at every level has got to show their commitment. The roles, schedules as well as the resources will all be directed towards these top priority objectives. Every team member will have to show their effort in their various roles and how they are contributing to the achievements of the OKRs. Transparency and alignment help to ensure commitment.

With OKRs, there is also the tracking process. It is vital that each objective is tracked with the use of the various metrics set. It is better to ensure weekly tracking as opposed to doing it daily. Tracking is vital to keep everything and everyone in check. The process ensures that there is no slippage.
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