Find Your Driving Niche

One of the most attractive reasons candidates cite for becoming a truck driver is the availability of work. While you might be doing a bit of traveling, the job market for truck drivers is clear, and if you know what you want it can even be easy to navigate. Your success is tied more to your certifications and record in this field than in many others, and there are a variety of niches to attract drivers of every personality type. Whether you want to see the world or hit your mattress at home every night, you can find what you want in this field with a little work.

Agricultural Driving

One of the fastest-growing areas of expansion in the field is driving for agricultural delivery. Truck driving jobs hauling grain to the silo or the processing facility offer you the competitive pay and benefits that made the career field attractive, and they typically cover short, local or regional routes that allow you to return home most evenings. There are always busy seasons and exceptional deliveries on occasion in any driving job, but reliable grain delivery work can be a great option for minimizing time away from family.

Vendor Delivery

Another option many drivers who are looking for local jobs wind up taking is vendor delivery for retail goods. With distributors of everything from food to clothing sending goods to thousands of stores in each state, there are plenty of opportunities to get a route, make friends with customers, and learn how to provide for the needs of each business on your weekly rounds. It is a great way to learn more about your community and see the people you interact with as a customer in a new light.

Keep Researching Your Options

These two examples are just a glimpse into the varied world of truck driving careers. If they don’t sound right for you, spend some time on message boards and local job posting sites to learn more about what you can find in your area.