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When Buying Caudiciforms for Sale

The caudiciforms are among the really attractive succulents and this is because of the reason that they are using an interesting array of adaptation and morphological in order to survive those difficult situations. Of those succulents, you should know that one of the very interesting life forms is actually the caudiciform plants which come with swollen trunks.

The short, fat and swollen stem is actually called by the botanists as the caudex and the plants displaying this type of growth habit are known to be the caudiciform plants. These are almost just found in the desert using swollen stems to store water between the drought periods. The cacti, particularly the barrel type comes with swollen and short stems but they are excluded since their stems have such major photosynthetic role. Know that the caudiciform plants are actually found in various families which include the passion vine family, the euphorbia family, grape family and others.

Some of the very beautiful caudiciform plants are named the Adeniums which are also called collectively as desert rose. The swollen stemmed plants do belong to the dogbane family and they are related to those periwinkles which you grow in the outdoor gardens. The Adenium obesum, in the wild, is actually one of the widely offered species and they are often sold in the home improvement store garden centers and come with swollen stems that are three to four feet across. Such species is actually native to the Arabian Peninsula as well as the parts of North Africa. During the summer, the plants are going to burst into blooms showing large flowers which are shaped like trumpets and they are about two inches across that totally cover the plant in pink blossoms.

When you would go for the pot culture, such plants are able to take on a symmetrical look and would remind you of that natural bonsai. Most of the caudiciform plants are being propagated through cuttings. Know that the caudiciform plants really adapt well to the pot culture and they are quite easy to grow as well. While generalizing for the culture would require for the whole group is a little risky, the cultural requirements are the same to work in many cases. You should also know that the caudiciform plants are actually frost tender and even a temperature of 28 degrees can kill many of them. It is during the hot summer months that these plants grow and they are dormant on the winter season so they really adapt well when you would move them indoors on a winter season.

If you are in search for caudiciforms for sale then there is surely a great supplier that you will be able to find out there. It is best that you check on their website to see the different options that you can buy. Moreover, you should not forget to get more information regarding how you can grow the caudiciform to be sure that you will be successful at it.

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